Unicode Polytonic Greek for the World Wide Web
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Unicode Polytonic Greek
for the World Wide Web

Version 0.9.7


W3C Amaya

Amaya is a web browser/editor being developed by a small team at the World Wide Web Consortium as a demonstration of some of the Consortium's recommendations and how they can be put into practice. Recent versions of Amaya (since 5.2; at time of last update version 6.2 had been released) implement partial Unicode support. Amaya is an open source project under the

Tests of Amaya (most performed on Windows XP) have indicated a number of problems in support for non-Western European character sets. For Greek,

Nevertheless, this shows definite progress toward full Unicode implementation on the part of Amaya, and the Amaya team say they do intend to implement more complete Unicode support in the future.

Amaya also includes some support for XML with CSS style sheets, MathML, SVG, and Annotea, a method for providing reader annotations to web pages.

Amaya is available for Windows, and for most operating systems which can use XFree86 and Motif. There are also a number of other versions of Amaya for other graphics libraries (an Open GL version, a GTK version). While Amaya can not run in Macintosh OS 9 or in the Aqua environment of OS X, it can run on OS X with an X server (the best way to install this is with Fink). For editing and viewing Greek text, however, I would wait a few more versions for an Amaya that supports the Unicode Greek and extended Greek ranges.

 Unicode Polytonic Greek for the World Wide Web Version 0.9.7
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