Unicode Polytonic Greek for the World Wide Web
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Unicode Polytonic Greek
for the World Wide Web

Version 0.9.7



Unicode is a standard for font encodings, not a type of font. A "Unicode" font can be any of a number of types: TrueType, OpenType, Type 1, PostScript, and BDF just to name five (these type names refer to the technologies used to control the shape and arrangement of the fonts, rather than their encoding). For Windows and Macintosh users, the easiest fonts to use are TrueType (and OpenType, which currently works with Windows 2000 at least; OpenType is a new variation on TrueType which, among other differences, allows some additional presentation information to be encoded in the font itself rather than just in the operating system. Palatino Linotype is an OpenType font. For the purposes of this page I will pretend that there are no distinctions between OpenType and TrueType).

Not all Unicode fonts contain all Unicode characters. The Unicode standard is divided up into ranges or blocks, each range supporting a script/writing system or set of diacriticals or symbols. The fonts listed below include support for the three ranges currently of most concern to classicists: Latin-1, Greek, and Greek Extended. They also include support for the Combining Diacriticals range of characters, but often that support is faulty in some way.

I'll provide instructions on how to install fonts later, under each platform. Usually it just involves dropping the font file into the font directory.

Font Works with
Arial Unicode MS precomposed combining
Aisa Unicode precomposed Diffult to test
Athena precomposed Crashes
Code2000 precomposed combining
Vusillus Old Face Italic precomposed combining
Titus Cyberbit Basic precomposed combining
Cardo Under development Under development
Palatino Linotype precomposed Faulty
Georgia Greek Unicode precomposed In progress
Lucida Sans Unicode No combining


 Unicode Polytonic Greek for the World Wide Web Version 0.9.7
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