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 References and Resources for Unicode: An Annotated Bibliography


References and Resources for Unicode: An Annotated Bibliography

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NOTE: Eventually, this will be fleshed out into a complete annotated bibliography. For now, it only includes what I've had time to add, and much of it is not yet annotated. Note too that a few of the resources listed below were written with an awareness of draft versions of this site; while they may be sources for the information on these pages, these pages might also be sources for the information provided in the resources. None of the resources below have endorsed this site in any way; nor does the listing of a resource on this page ever imply an endorsement of the resource so linked.

In the three or four years that I've been working on this book, a lot of new sites promoting Unicode for polytonic Greek have sprung up. I suspect that this is the only site which is genuinely platform agnostic, trying to deal with Windows, Macintosh, and Linux, and is one of the few sites oriented to the publication of texts in polytonic Greek (rather than the mere reading of others' published work).

If anyone can provide me with solid information on other operating systems, in particular BSD, Plan 9, AtheOS, and Windows CE/PocketPC, with screenshots, I'd greatly appreciate it. I'd also be interested in seeing screen shots of things that can be done with BeOS beyond my bare experiments.

I have a number of sources for this site. The most important published resources (on the web) have been

Collections of Fonts


If you have any other questions these pages don't answer, feel free to write me at unicodegreek@methymna.com. I can't promise that I'll answer, but I will try. But please be patient: I'm now averaging over 50 messages a day from various sources and projects, and sometimes it takes me a week or two to respond.

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