Unicode Polytonic Greek for the World Wide Web
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Unicode Polytonic Greek
for the World Wide Web

Version 0.9.7


  1. Using OpenOffice with Polytonic Greek

In May 2002, OpenOffice.org released version 1.0 of the OpenOffice application. OpenOffice is an Open-Source office application suite which is based upon code derived from StarOffice 5.2, and which will serve as the basis of StarOffice 6.0.

All versions of OpenOffice tested thus far had support of Unicode Greek; Windows versions have support of Unicode polytonic Greek, and it seems likely that the forthcoming version for Mac OS X for Aqua will have support for polytonic Greek. The tested versions are OpenOffice for Windows and OpenOffice for OS X for XFree86 (tested with Fink and XDarwin). I have not yet been able to test OpenOffice in Linux, but it is likely that the Linux version also supports polytonic Greek.

The OpenOffice suite is a 150MB download; it is free software and open source, released under the LGPL (Lesser or Library GNU Public License). The capabilities of OpenOffice will also be available in StarOffice, which is a proprietary upgrade to OpenOffice. StarOffice will also include a number of additional features, including additional fonts.

OpenOffice for OS X

The OpenOffice.org developer community is currently working on a version of OpenOffice for Aqua. Until then, the version of OpenOffice available for OS X is an XFree86-based version, is is not recommended for non-developer use.

In my tests of OpenOffice, I was able to open a Unicode polytonic Greek text in the OpenOffice native file format and read those characters from the basic Greek unicode range; my suspicion is that the only reason I was not able to read the polytonic characters from the extended Greek range is because the only fonts available to X on my system lacked glyphs for the extended Greek characters. However, this is merely a speculation. OpenOffice.org, the organization developing Open Office, is currently working on an Aqua version of OpenOffice which will have Unicode support. (Contributors to this open source project include Sun Microsystems; however, reportedly while Sun and Apple employees are contributing, neither company is contributing to the development of an Apple version of OpenOffice directly.)

Testing continues.

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