Philopappos Monument (Tomb of Caius Julius Antiochos Philopappos). Built between 114 and 116 A.D. Detail of the northern side of the tomb. The foundations of the monument ware of limestone, covered with slabs of Hymettian marble on the exterior (visible) sides. Above the foundations, the monument was made out of Pentelic marble. On the lowest level you can see a relief depicting Philopappos in a 4-horse chariot as he was being installed as consul in Rome (109 AD) -- the high point of his political career. In the level above, there were three niches with protrait statues. In the central niche with the curved top, is a seated portrait of Philopappos himself. In the left niche, is a seated portrait of Philopappos' grandfather, King Antiochos IV (the last king of Commagene). In the right niche (now missing) was a portrait of Philopappos' ancestor, King Seleukos I of Syria. Each portrait was identified by inscriptions below. There were also Corinthian pilasters between the niches. The 2 pilasters on either side of Philopappos listed his various titles in Latin (left) and Greek (right). Photo taken June 12, 2002.