Philopappos Monument (Tomb of Caius Julius Antiochos Philopappos). Built between 114 and 116 A.D. The seated figure in the central niche with the rounded top is Philopappos himself. Below the niche is an inscription that says: "[Philo]pappos, son of Epiphanes, of the deme of Besa." The Corinthian pilaster to the left of the central niche carries an inscription in Latin that list the titles of the various offices and honors (cursus honorum) of Philopappos: "Caius Iulius Antiochus Philippapos, son of Caius, of the Fabian tribe, consul, and Arval brother, admitted to the praetorian rank by the emperor Caesar Nerva Trajan Optumus Augustus Germanicus Dacicus." The Corinthian pilaster on the right side of the central niche (only the base is now preserved) was in Greek and said: "King Antiochos Philopappos, son of King Epiphanes, son of Antiochos." The seated figure in the left niche is Antiochos IV, the grandfather of Philopappos, and the last King of Commagene, who was dethroned by the Roman emperor Hadrian. An inscription below this figure says: " King Antiochos, son of King Antiochos". There would have been another niche and statue on the right side, but it is no longer preserved. However the inscription below this niche was seen in the mid-15th century A.D. by the traveler Cyriacus of Ancona, and he records that it said: "King Seleukos Nikator, son of Antiochos" (= King Seleukos I, who founded the Macedonian dynasty in Syria). Photo taken June 12, 2002.