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Greek Display Options

  • Anyone may use the SOL with the Greek in the headwords or popup windows set to transliteration or betacode. Neither of these options requires any special font.

  • But if you do want to see Greek as Greek
    • for the Mac OS you may choose between SMK GreekKeys or SGreek. You may need to select "Western Mac" from your pull-down character set menu.
    • for Microsoft Windows you may use either SGreek or a Unicode font.
    • for Linux we don't yet know how to display polytonic (classical) Greek. Please mail the senior editor (see the home page) with suggestions!.

  • For detailed information on where to acquire and how to install these fonts, please see the help pages of the Perseus Project web site.

  • Registered users may set their preferred flavor of Greek as their default using the "Update Profile" option in the main menu.

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This document was last updated Friday March 20, 2009.

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